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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Elegant Charm

Designed by

Chang Yu Chiu / Jin Hong Interior Design & Construction Company






Team Members:

Elegant Charm

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chang Yu Chiu / Jin Hong Interior Design & Construction Company

Photo Credits:

Jin Hong Interior Design & Construction Company


Jin Hong Interior Design & Construction Company

The interior design features modern style, which allows the residence to be outlined by clean, straight lines in a neat manner. Natural elements such as marble and wood instantly make the space feel fresh and inviting. Subtly reflecting in the large, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light adorns the interiors of the home. An open traffic flow offers a light-filled space. A combination of transparent glass and mirrors can open up the available space and also give the room a feeling of depth. The elegant beige marble spreads out the main view of the space in a symmetrical manner, while the dark brown TV cabinet on the lower level extends horizontally to the storage cabinet. To eliminate the overwhelming oppressive feeling brought by the large volume, black glass a stunning transparent effect for the cabinet which partially conceals things hidden behind it. The middle section is a platform that brings a touch of warmth under the warm glow to balance the sense of seriousness from dark colors. The half-height bar divides the dining area and kitchen, making them independent but also intimately connected. Instead of a solid wall behind the sofa, gray glass is great at keeping the spaces separate but still allowing them to be linked together. Through the see-through design, the open-plan room offers an unobstructed view through the space. Daylight travels into rooms and opens up a bright and transparent depth of vision. To offer a space for guests to stay overnight, a couch stands next to the window in the study room. The high cabinet at the back not only provides ample storage space, but also conceals a standing gallery shelve that holds valuable collections. The bedroom continues the modern style of the public sphere. Different shades of wood grains along with warm white daylight create a warm, uncluttered space.

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