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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Xiamen Haicang Merchants Garden City

Designed by

Jiang Wei、Guo Cheng






Team Members:

Xiamen Haicang Merchants Garden City

Commercial & Office Architecture


Jiang Wei、Guo Cheng

Yang Nujing、Han Mi、He Jiazhu、Mo Kaiqi、Lu Yuexin、 Li Jiahui、Hou Yudi

Photo Credits:

VE Commercial Space Design


VE Commercial Space Design,2023

Xiamen Haicang Merchants Garden City is an important carrier for China Merchants Shekou to closely follow the cross-island development strategy of Xiamen, layout both sides of one bay, and consolidate the development of commercial, cultural, and tourism industries in Maluan Bay. The project is positioned to create a new commercial benchmark for Haicang and navigate the 24H vitality center of the Bay Area,positioning "urban ecology, emerging experience, family friendly shopping center".
The interior design focuses on the theme of "Dancing in the Sea", combining with the layout of the business format, a story about exploring the unique commercial style of the Gulf through four themed spaces under the leadership of "Blue Whale".

Functional and Design Challenges
The innovative design of Xiamen Haicang Merchants Garden City has seven distinctive spaces, including a sunken plaza, a Nanyang style market, a fish jumping floating island main atrium, a whirlpool dance children's atrium, a canyon surfing sports atrium, an urban reception hall, and a roof garden. The roof aesthetic space includes a boundless swimming pool, locke basketball, and other popular online scenes.

Technology and material innovation
Material innovation and technology application are a major design highlight of the project. In terms of green and environmental protection, the roof of the project building uses skylights and ceilings to attract natural light, meeting the demand for light sources in most spaces, thereby reducing the use of lamps, saving power consumption, and achieving the effect of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Design and Social Value
The project design fully integrates the unique urban ecological and cultural core of Xiamen Sea Garden, such as "Nanyang Culture, Coastal Ecology, and Subtropical Scenery".Shouldering the important task of leading regional quality life and completing the core commercial puzzle of the Bay Area.

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