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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Tiny House, Simple Living

Designed by

Lo Shih-Cheng






Team Members:

Tiny House, Simple Living

Residential Architecture

Hsinchui City, Taiwan

Lo Shih-Cheng

Photo Credits:

SIX LIN60, 2022


Indahouse Design Co.,Ltd. | Lo Shih-Cheng, 2022

The tiny house is inspired by the Danish word "Hüga", meaning "looking for small joys of life." The design emphasizes functionality, traffic flow, and flexible spaces that can be used for diverse activities. It aims to reduce the use of fixed furniture and installations to create a simple and neat appearance, which the space can be used in various ways based on the owner's needs. The flexibility relies on the openness through the use of flexible sliding partition doors instead of walls to increase space utilization and allow for adjustments according to daily needs.

In a small 50 square meter indoor space, the design focuses on creating spacious traffic flow areas, transitions between living room and multifunctional spaces, hidden shelving behind the main wall, and folding doors to establish great indoor flow and open plan spaciousness. By using white as the color palette and arranging multifunctional features, the living space becomes more versatile, with clear division between private and public areas to increase space utilization and functionality. The team prioritizes creating a healthy, non-toxic living space with eco-friendly materials and LED lighting for energy efficiency. Low-formaldehyde plywood and eco-friendly certified coating are applied for a comfortable and safe environment.

The designer uses a consistent and simple color palette, making colorful touches stand out. The dining area is the center of the L-shaped axis that connects the private area, living room, and other spaces.

Instead of using common materials like marble and wood, the designer uses artistic coating and stone plastic composite flooring to create a simple yet diverse space. The rounded kitchen counter and dining table add variety to the otherwise square space and encourage conversation and interaction between family members. The hidden shelving design allows residents to customize their living style while blending in with the main wall's style when open.

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