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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


New Home, New Vision

Designed by

Magikcache Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

New Home, New Vision

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Magikcache Co., Ltd.

Chen-Fu Tsai, Chien-Hsia Huang

Photo Credits:

Magikcache Co., Ltd.


Magikcache Co., Ltd.

The site is a new apartment, the first home for the client. The client wants to make the space the beginning of his life and symbolize his intention. According to the client's preference, the color tone is dark, but in consideration of the possibility of new members joining in the future, the design team changed the color palette in the public area to light tones as the base for balance. As for the private area, the style preferred by the client is presented in darker tones.
Behind the wall back to the sofa, the design team considered the client's fondness for reading, a part of the living room space is made into a study room. The study room can also serve multiple purposes, allowing the client to make different plans at different stages of his life. The cabinet at the back can serve not only as a bookcase but also as a closet in the future to realize the definition of a multi-functional room.

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