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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Praise for Arc and Light

Designed by

LOHO Design






Team Members:

Praise for Arc and Light

Residential Architecture

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

LOHO Design

Cheng-Han Yang, Jing-Rong Shen

Photo Credits:

LOHO Design


LOHO Design

The site is a new apartment on a high floor with an L-shaped lighting advantage. The name of the project, "Praise for Arc and Light", comes from the client's imagination of home. The design team adjusted and planned the layout based on the client's outdoor sports interests and preference for technology. There are many reflective materials in the space, such as metal arches, glossy façades, sleek straight lines, and elegant curves, strengthening the cool tone and maximizing lighting. During the daytime, the warmth of daylight is balanced with the coolness of the interior.
It is worth mentioning that the transformation of the flooring makes a significant difference between the style of the private area and the public area. The warm wood flooring presents cozy, while the dark wood veneer echoes the tone of the public area. The design team sought a balance of artistic expression between wood and metallic materials. Bathed in daylight, the design team created a wonderful home.

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