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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Boundless Sea Border

Designed by

Yiofu Construction Ltd.






Team Members:

Boundless Sea Border

Residential Architecture


Yiofu Construction Ltd.

Yiofu Construction Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Yiofu Construction Ltd.


Yiofu Construction Ltd.

The base is in Donggang Township, Pingtung County, which has a diverse and unique culture and devotional beliefs. The project is on flat terrain with high availability and is situated between a fish farm and a major traffic road. The design team combined the impressions of "King Boat" and "Sea" to create the project. On the one hand, the King Boat is an important religious belief in the area, and on the other hand, Pingtung is near the sea, so the older residents have a deeper connection to the water, river, and sea. The project combines tradition and memory with modern innovation and thinking to build a forward-looking building with special features.
The project consists of a twin building with one high and one low and a green corridor of about three meters long. Trees and shrubs of different heights are scattered around the area. The design team took different color shades to present the ebb and flow of a ship's voyage while minimizing the sharpness of the volume. The roof is designed to resemble the beam structure of the King Boat, achieving shade and the impression of blessing. In religious culture, the boat means welcoming the gods and driving away evil spirits. The project takes the classic elements to bring the joyful and auspicious spirit of the King Boat to the Donggang Township, making it a local landmark.

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