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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Gorgeous Return

Designed by

TSAO TENG-SHENG/Xingshi Design Studio






Team Members:

The Gorgeous Return

Residential Architecture


TSAO TENG-SHENG/Xingshi Design Studio

Photo Credits:

Xingshi Design Studio


Xingshi Design Studio

This is an interior design project for a residence with a total living space of about 89 square meters. Through careful planning and delicate execution, the designer has reorganized the layout in a limited space to create infinite possibilities. Since the family members, in this case, are a couple and two children still studying abroad, one of the second bedrooms is first used as a study, and there is a bedroom area to provide a separate resting space for the children when they come back. The overall aesthetics of Chinese modern is planned throughout the space, and the rigid and soft interplay of stone and woodwork delivers a soft, warm, calm, and elegant living environment. The ceiling from the foyer to the dining room is clad in wood veneer in the interior space. At the same time, a large wooden latticework storage cabinet extends from the dust area to the TV wall in the living room, leading the way to the room. Besides, the back wall of the TV is made of wood latticework with grey and white marble, supplemented by linear lights framing the stone slab, which not only adds visual layers but also eliminates the heavy feeling of stone. In the shared living area, the designer constructs an open space to integrate the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and, the study uses transparent glass as a partition design. This expands the visual space and gives the house spaciousness and comfort. When entering the study, the large glass windows are equipped with blinds so that users can adjust them according to their needs. When the curtains are pulled down, it becomes a private and comfortable guest room sitting area. Moving slowly to the master bedroom, one will see that the back wall of the bed head is curved uniquely, and the configuration of light-colored wallpaper creates a feeling of being gently enveloped by the space so that the residents can have a stable sleeping experience. Dark wood flooring and wooden storage cabinets create a warm and calm atmosphere.

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