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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Peloponnese Rural House

Designed by

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic






Team Members:

Peloponnese Rural House

Residential Architecture

Kalamia, Ahaias, Peloponnese_ Greece

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic

Alexandra Arampatzi; Stanford Rabbit by Kostas Geranios and Orestis Mpormpantonakis

Photo Credits:

Athina Souli, 2020


Ivana Lukovic, 2019

A plot situated in a remote village of Kalamia, with unobstructed view to the Gulf of Corinth, is a setting for retreat from demanding urban life, whose occupant is a nature-loving young couple with their three children. The morphology of the place led to the decision of creating the house with humble, stone stable-like appearance from the street side, while developing into the prominent, two-levels construction from the garden.
Environmental, and local economy benefits were accomplished by specifying craftsmen and natural materials within a 100-mile radius of the construction site. Reclaimed stone, applied on the elevations and at the entrance level interior space, was sourced from the nearby storage and supplemented with a new one from a local quarry. Washed wood shutters were handmade in recycled wood and black metal frame. Cement mortar in two shades was created on site to cover floor surfaces along with custom-made plywood furniture, whereas white oil treated OSB is used for the rest of the built-in equipment. They are all echoing the past while contributing to the materiality richness.
The plot size of only 300 m2 demanded careful positioning of the house, so as to attain garden space for outdoor activities and vegetable cultivation for family needs, as vast as possible. It was achieved by positioning the house at the upper part of the property, next to the access road, and occupying surface until the borders. In a separate stone and metal construction, among Mediterranean plants, it is possible to experience outdoor cooking and dining. Along with the mentioned purpose, on the South-West section of the metal construction is predicted positioning of solar vacuum tube to avoid solar panels on the roof of the main dwelling.
Built in the healthy environment, according to contemporary sustainable standards, the custom-made dwelling has been playing major role in the 2020 pandemic situation, providing its inhabitants both safety and comfort.

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