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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Hut Wattenberg

Designed by

Pia & Marc Mark, Mark Studios






Team Members:

Hut Wattenberg

Residential Architecture

Wattenberg, Austria

Pia & Marc Mark, Mark Studios

Photo Credits:

Ioannis Jyftopoulos, 2023


Mark Studios, 2023

It could also have been the location of an Wes Andersen Movie.
The hut `Schönleitn` in the Wattental near Wattens in Tyrol (near Innsbruck) is the first hunting lodge in the Wattental. It was built in 1919 by the founder of the famous Swarovski company, Daniel Swarovski.
The descendants decided to revitalize the cottage. The outbuilding from 1957 as accommodation for professional hunters was included in the measures.
The two free-standing buildings were connected by an intermediate building. The joint is the entrance hall and is deliberately illuminated by a skylight, the incidence of light is reminiscent of the original state as an outdoor area. The resulting spacious ground floor zone allows extensive spatial relationships that one would never expect from the individual houses. The design is reminiscent of the bourgeois attitude of the company founders as patrons and benefactors. A more urban impression was deliberately chosen. Many details are reminiscent of that time. The renovation of the huts was particularly challenging because of the continuation of the structural engineering tradition of the time.
It was built as before. No plastics, no plasterboard, no vapor barrier.
Just like 100 years ago, the electricity for the hut is generated by a small hydroelectric power station.

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