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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Immerse oneself in gray

Designed by

CHIN-HSIANG, CHIU / Match Interior Design CO.,LTD






Team Members:

Immerse oneself in gray

Residential Architecture

Zhubei City, Taiwan

CHIN-HSIANG, CHIU / Match Interior Design CO.,LTD

Photo Credits:

Match Interior Design CO.,LTD


Match Interior Design CO.,LTD

The greyscale colors bring a subdued atmosphere to the residence. The interwoven varying shades of gray create an interplay of light and shadow. A home that embraces aspects of living a simple and tranquil life is exactly what the homeowner is looking for. The modern and elegant brushstrokes outline a simple silhouette of the space, while the open floor plan offers a spacious public space that can promote an emotional connection with each other and allow daylight to flow gradually into your space.
At the entrance, the white and gray stone patterns and the reeded glass that can partially obscure what's behind it reveal the view. The partition lets the light diffuse gently through while also giving the physical and visual divide. It also leads the eye through hollowed cavities to form a pleasant view.
The changes in flooring materials lead to the living room. Pure white stone creates the main scene, and the delicate grooves and lines extend to the cabinetry to add layers and details to the pure base. The wall behind the sofa extends the linear rhythm of the main wall, injecting a sense of order to the stucco-like texture. On the wall, a special built-in display case can showcase the homeowner's collection and also give the space the breathing room it deserves. In the dining room, materials and appliances are also in shades of gray to create a calm dining atmosphere.

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