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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


YUIMOM Group. SS BAR. Spring

Designed by

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)






Team Members:

YUIMOM Group. SS BAR. Spring

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)

Rich Honour Design Group/ David Valentim

Photo Credits:

S.S.A.W, YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023


YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023

The concept of this space is Spring which for us represents a beginning of a cycle. For that, we used the metaphor of the Big Bang. The energies converge to a certain point what creating an explosion that later formed matter and life in the universe, and even time itself. So, we feel such a rich theory is suitable for a space's vibe which represents a new beginning, a new cycle.

The space has two different main areas of the cocktail bar and wine bar. The cocktail bar is in the middle of the room with five audio-video walls features the Big Bang the beginning of the universe surrounding it and a round mirror surrounded by LED lights converged to the center that create a feeling of universe. Integrates sound, lighting, and visual effect design. The wine bar has character with shelves and display boxes that show the customers that range of wines the bar has to offer.

Design of SS Bar. Spring aims to “transform the domestic space into a space of fantasy,” perfect for indulging in fun and unforgettable moments. Especially a curvy walkway with 540 red metal pipes. Entering the cocktail bar, the five surrounding LED panels screening video art. Adjacent to the bar is a minimalist, eccentric, semi-booth in symmetrical color schemes and complemented by dramatic lighting and visual art to invent a kaleidoscopic effect. Finally, a cave-like space which layers of lines, special lighting, and geometric arrive at the third climax.

In planning the YUIMOM Group’s serviced apartment, we have strategically opened all four restaurants in the same geographical area to allow for a streamlined purchasing and storage process to reduce the need for multiple delivery trips and excessive manpower.
The Bar boasts low carbon footprint that complies with environmentally friendliness. Drawing on emphasizing the farm-to-table approach. In addition, the “freshly prepared as ordered” process minimizes waste and better meets the needs of individual guests.

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