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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


YUIMOM Group. SS Pâtisserie. Summer

Designed by

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)






Team Members:

YUIMOM Group. SS Pâtisserie. Summer

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)

Rich Honour Design Group/ David Valentim

Photo Credits:

S.S.A.W, YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023


YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023

SS Pâtisserie. Summer evokes the sensation of sea breeze and the notion of natural rock formations through sand-colored walls with organic layers and blue marble floors alluding to crashing waves. The pâtisserie serves artistically designed pâtisserie to make guests feel as though they have discovered treasures hidden in a seaside grotto.

Entering the pâtisserie, guests will first encounter a golden sculptural reception/ cashier and find two distinct areas on either side: a cake area and open kitchen on the left, and a dining area on the right. The space is open and fluid. The lighter tones of the cake area allow the colorful desserts to stand out and draw attention. The dining area features beige stucco walls and bright furniture that contribute to a warmer and more vibrant ambiance.

For a new brand to reach a wider market, it is crucial to make a statement with strong visual aesthetics and friendly infrastructures in its design. As such, SS Pâtisserie. Summer strives to offer an iconic aesthetics experience, while going beyond the surface by transforming those appealing elements into a direct link between the consumer and the products to see its sophistically served dish or beverage. This visual connection enhances our reputation as a brand that values sincerity and interactivity between its customers.

In planning this comprehensive serviced apartment, we have strategically opened all four restaurants in the same geographical area (though not at the same address). This allows for a streamlined purchasing and storage process to reduce the need for multiple delivery trips and excessive manpower. The approach has allowed us to maximize space utilization and minimize carbon footprint, making our food miles more adaptable and environmentally friendly. Guests can indulge in seasons items freshly baked from the oven or made to order. This practice not only reduces food waste but is also Eco-friendly, contributing to a better planet.

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