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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


YUIMOM Group. AW Restaurant. Autumn

Designed by

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)






Team Members:

YUIMOM Group. AW Restaurant. Autumn

Restaurants & Bars Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)

Rich Honour Design Group/ David Valentim

Photo Credits:

S.S.A.W, YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023


YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023

AW Restaurant. Autumn is a contemporary French diner that celebrates authentic ingredients and organic, healthy cooking processes, what strives to incorporate innovation, presenting a modern take on "nouvelle French cuisine" through elegant presentations.

AW Restaurant. Autumn captures the spirit of autumn, with the vibrant colors of maple red color and apricot create representing the bountiful harvest and romantic characteristics found in French and Taiwanese food cultures and accentuate the main theme of the entrance. The walls and pillars are adorned with materials that evoke an abstract expression of trees and stones basked in the autumn sunshine, displaying rich layers like a forest full of changing lights and hues. Meanwhile, the free track light strips at enhance the feeling of a festive autumn celebration.

The space is thoughtfully conceived layout to enhance guests' dining experience, encourages guests to engage with their surroundings and the people around them. Whether the open kitchen or wine bar design allows for a range of activities, such as a cross-over show of culinary and Mixology. The chef inventively showcases the natural colors of the ingredients through all the white plates while creating a spectacular tasting experience.

In planning this comprehensive serviced apartment, we have strategically opened all four restaurants in the same geographical area. The restaurant located on the second floor of the service apartment. This allows for a streamlined purchasing and storage process to reduce the need for multiple delivery trips and excessive manpower. The approach has allowed us to maximize space utilization and minimize carbon footprint, making our food miles more adaptable and environmentally friendly. The menu highlights our commitment to organic and healthy cooking by sourcing ingredients directly from local farms and made to order, ensuring that our guests receive high-quality food while reducing waste.

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