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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


YUIMOM Group. YUIMOM Residence

Designed by

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)






Team Members:

YUIMOM Group. YUIMOM Residence

Hotels & Resorts Architecture

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)

Rich Honour Design Group/ David Valentim

Photo Credits:

YUMOM Residence, YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023


YUIMOM Group © ALIEN Art, 2023

The building facade is designed in the distinctive shape of the Chinese character "冊" (volume), which means the act of reading and conferring a title. The building's proportions, materials, and dividing lines create the impression of a grand and resilient castle situated in the heart of bustling Kaohsiung.

Our buildings prioritize environmental friendliness by integrating natural light and shadow to create a welcoming atmosphere. The lighting facilities are planned to consider scattered spots of light and shadow. The tree-lined sidewalks on both sides of the gate are open to the public and accessible around the clock, offering a closer experience. Long-term residents can enjoy different views in season.

Our serviced apartment serves not only business travelers, but also long-term tenants. We believe that owning a house will no longer be a necessity in the future. Our project offers a new business model that meets contemporary social and environmental trends. For a long time, the traditional concept of buying a house has led to a waste of resources, including labor, time, materials, and the environment. Our mission is to foster positive relationships, reduce waste, and promote a cycle of kindness and happiness.

From land acquisition, building and construction, visual art design, service team to restaurant management, YUIMOM Group takes a different approach by owning and operating all aspects of the serviced apartment to provide a comprehensive service unparalleled by other serviced apartments. With our advanced concept of "rent only, not buy," residents can enjoy a wide range of service, including frequent remodeling, furnishing, furniture renewal, and replacement of electrical appliances to solve all of which result in the waste of our planet's resources. Our team operates in high standards to ensure that facilities remain in the best condition, all the while adhering to promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

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