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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


The Cultural Centre

Designed by

ARCHTEAM / Milan Rak, Alena Rezna






Team Members:

The Cultural Centre

Cultural Architecture

Roznov, Czech Republic

ARCHTEAM / Milan Rak, Alena Rezna

Martin Nosek, Tomas Sysel

Photo Credits:




Town in the foothills. Continuation of the local tradition of timber-framed buildings for which the town of Rožnov is famous. Inspiration from the architecture of the foothills of Switzerland or Finland, where wooden structures for public buildings are an example of ecological construction. Creating a landmark by simple and modest means. The composition of the building mass and facades is based on functional units and is conceived in a strict modular four-metre outlineTwo halls in the central wing and an outdoor atrium in the centre, offering space for cultural life. The Cultural Centre is designed to be as space efficient and effective as possible. The large hall, atrium and small hall are situated in three tracts side by side, with additional facilities in the longitudinal direction of the foyer and the hall and staff in the rear elevated wing. The halls are multifunctional. The atrium as a third hall with an outdoor stage that can be opened into the park behind the community centre. The uniqueness of the building lies in the designed structure, which consists of solid timber frames (BSH) and solid timber panels (CLT). The wooden elements and surfaces are visual in the interior. The façade is covered by a checkerboard of suspended panels made of thermally treated wooden planks. Natural wood is the base material and is complemented only by glass and yellow colour accents. The timber building was designed to be optimal also in terms of achieving a passive energy standard for the building. The green retention roof prevents overheating of the interiors and retains moisture. Rainwater is accumulated in retention tanks and further used for watering the greenery. Ground-to-air heat pumps connected to ground boreholes serve as a source of heat and cooling. The prefabricated timber building structure is quick to construct and renewable, which is in accoradance with the principles of environmental sustainability. It will be the first public wooden building in Czech Republic

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