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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Blue Eternity

Designed by

Lin, Chang-Rong / Jheng, Yuan-Dong






Team Members:

Blue Eternity

Landscape Architecture

Taitung, Taiwan

Lin, Chang-Rong / Jheng, Yuan-Dong

National Taitung University / MOJO Art and Design Co., Ltd. / Lin, Chang-Rong / Jheng, Yuan-Dong

Photo Credits:

ArchiBlur Lab, 2022


National Taitung University/ Lin, Chang-Rong and MOJO Art and Design Co.,Ltd./ Jheng, Yuan-Dong

Taitung is a land with abundant natural landscapes and biodiversity, and a “sproutland” of art. Through the intervention of art, we not only display the cultural and natural uniqueness of Taitung, but also create a new connection and interaction of the landscapes along the South Link Highway.
Heart of Dawu and the Harbor, serving as the start of the highway and the seaway. From the Heart of Dawu, the Blue Eternity looks like a home; while from the harbor, it looks like a ship’s bow. The concept is “a ship when you depart, a home when you return.” Standing on the sea dyke, the artwork becomes the new image of the harbor. When visitors walk around the work, the blue-green globe in the middle continues to break down and integrate. The crossroads in the work connect the mountain and the sea, the beacon and the piled up sand, anchoring our body to the land.

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