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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


LAKE REWARD Stacked Above

Designed by

Shenzhen Fanst Design Co.,Ltd






Team Members:

LAKE REWARD Stacked Above

Residential Architecture


Shenzhen Fanst Design Co.,Ltd

Xin Wang, Yanyun Cao, Tao Pan

Photo Credits:

Benmo Studio


Shenzhen Fanst Design Co.,Ltd

LAKE REWARD is a stacked structure with an area of approximately 330 square meters, consisting of four levels of space. The design concept of this residence draws inspiration from the exploration of caves in “Origins of Architecture Pleasure” by the renowned American architect Michael Benedikt. It takes the idea that the safe and dark cave is a shelter for humans, while the vast view represents the longing for desires. The aim is to create a refuge for the residents to find solace within their hearts, while also seeking a unique and tranquil dwelling away from the urban hustle and bustle.

In the creation of this design, the design team utilized the interplay of light and shadow to shape the environment’s shelter and vistas, enhancing the spatial dimensions and cultivating a comfortable and cozy residential atmosphere. On the first floor, the living room employs a black backdrop for the feature wall, creating a contrast with the incoming natural light and forming a serene space. The central large sofa in the living room is adorned in shades of beige, harmonizing with the stainless steel coffee table to present a unique visual spectacle. In a corner, a metal fireplace adds warmth to the residence, while a comfortable reading chair and bookshelf provide a delightful reading corner for the residents. The dining area features an open-plan kitchen design, allowing the Eastern and Western kitchens to interact seamlessly and create a fluid space. An arched natural stone dining table and understated gray leather dining chairs establish an exquisite dining ambiance.

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