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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Loops of Love

Designed by

Shu-Ching Tan/Herzu Interior Design Co.,LTD






Team Members:

Loops of Love

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shu-Ching Tan/Herzu Interior Design Co.,LTD

Yu-Jie Hou, Hsin-Yi Tang, Yi-Chih Wu

Photo Credits:

Wu chi-min ,Moooten studio


Herzu Interior Design Co.,LTD

The concept of Loops of Love symbolizing the harmonious relationship between the couple. There are 3 island-like structures designs in the public area which are foyer, dining area, and reading space.

The reading area features an island design combined with a television wall, integrating concepts of architecture and installation art into its design. It creates a castle-like structure with low wall partitions that enclose a space unaffected by external disturbances. Delicately designed small grooves at the corners maintain a sense of openness, allowing the area to breathe.

The dining area design was arranged to meet the high demand for storage of electrical appliances. The layout of the central island forms a dynamic flow, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. The curved wooden cabinets and the round ceiling were integrated and enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space.

The ceiling in the public area is inspired by the concept of a round sky which implies the Loops of Love. To elevate the height of the ceiling, it gradually slopes down to connect with the beam above the children's room corridor, cleverly minimizing the presence of the beam. The sloping and irregular elliptical shape presented challenges in lighting arrangement, especially behind the study area, where the wall curves to prevent the space from feeling cramped.

The master bedroom space features an open cabinet design, extending the unobstructed view from the room allowing light to penetrate into the room. Particularly, the cabinet designs in the space are meticulously proportioned, employing a stepped arching suspended cabinet arrangement that balances functionality and aesthetics. Despite the modest size of the two children's rooms, materials and color schemes are selected based on their preferences, accompanied by complete storage functionality, creating a stress-free environment for quality sleep.

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