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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Rinascita Studio

Designed by

TZU LIN KUO / Genie Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Rinascita Studio

Sports Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

TZU LIN KUO / Genie Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Wade Huang, 2022


Genie Interior Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

In the fast-paced life of crowded cities, creating a peaceful space is the challenge that this design needs to solve.

Entering Rinascita Studio, the line of sight of the celling, the ground, and the walls are covered with flawless white, light pink, and beige, without too much decoration, presenting a pure and minimalist artistic style, allowing students to immerse themselves and feel the precious moment of yoga exercise balancing body and mind and relieving stress.

Large white walls and mirrors, as well as an indoor curved door with a 5-meter light strip, create a spacious feeling in this prime location in the city center. Despite its seemingly simple design, this space hides many clever design ideas. Unlike other yoga studios, Rinascita Studio's high space eliminates the sense of danger when practicing aerial yoga or using aerial hoops, but the increased height of the structure requires longer fabric ropes used for aerial yoga, which indirectly affects stability and results in increased user swaying. After personal testing, the designer connected the Silk Hommack with reinforced Daisy Chain to enhance stability and safety, while also reducing the difficulty of user operation.
linked two ropes to the fabric with metal chains to enhance stability and safety while reducing the difficulty of user operation.

This mirror is more than a mirror. The three-meter-high mirror enlarges the sense of space and is given powerful storage function. The designer spent a lot of effort in selecting hardware hinges to solve the construction challenge of large-sized mirrors being easily deformed.

In addition, making good use of the lighting and convenience on the first floor, we thoughtfully used translucent and opaque curtains to create a secluded and undisturbed space, creating a secluded paradise for exercise, accurately addressing the needs of urban people for exercise space.

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