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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


MERICA Building

Designed by

LIN HSAN YIE / Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.






Team Members:

MERICA Building

Commercial & Office Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

LIN HSAN YIE / Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.


Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.

The construction site is at the intersection of three bustling streets, primarily connected to Nanyang Street in Taipei. This area is well-known for its dense concentration of educational institutions and training centers throughout Taiwan. In order to preserve the iconic architectural significance of the vicinity, the architect has taken great care to retain some of the most distinctive and visually appealing features of the original building. In Addition, in compliance with government building and urban planning regulations, the architect has ingeniously developed the structure with a "thick and stable base along with a delicate set-back upper body." This approach ensures that the main characteristics of the original building are preserved while integrating it with the historical context of the city. The architect's exceptional design skills guarantee that the building's arcade spatial configuration, movement of pedestrians and vehicles, and overall exterior space cohesiveness are maintained to the highest standards. The building is fully accessible to individuals with varying physical abilities, making it barrier-free. The architect has successfully incorporated impressive design elements, including floor plans, structural systems, exterior wall openings, balconies, decorative grilles, and roof frames. The architect's precise and orderly design techniques have beautifully showcased both the structural mechanics and architectural aesthetics. The architects have set out to preserve the fundamental principles of "culture, education, heritage, and stability" while infusing a fresh sense of "modernity, technology, wisdom, and nature" through a harmonious blend of design techniques. It meets the standards of barrier-free spatial design and obtains multiple commendations, including the “Structure Accreditation Building”, “Green Building”, and “Intelligent Building”. It is a big recognition and a firm assurance of the residents’ health, convenience, comfort, and safety.

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