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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Construction of Rigidity and Flexibility

Designed by

Chun-Kai Chang, Yi-Wen Tsai / Optimum Design






Team Members:

The Construction of Rigidity and Flexibility

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Chun-Kai Chang, Yi-Wen Tsai / Optimum Design

Photo Credits:

Optimum Design


Optimum Design

This particular residence was thoughtfully created to provide a comfortable living space for a family of five, specifically a husband, wife, and their three daughters. The main objective of the owner was to establish a clear separation at the entrance, which would allow each individual to unwind and settle their thoughts upon returning home. In order to accommodate the children's activities, the public area boasts an open layout, providing ample space for play and leisure. Additionally, the owner was keen on having a shoe cabinet with ample storage capacity and clothing storage options that would meet the current and future storage needs of all family members. Overall, this residence was designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable living experience.

As you step into the foyer, you'll notice the use of stone texture and large-scale screens that create a grand atmosphere. The "Ginkgo" wall-hanging on the end wall is decorated with a flower motto of "longevity" and "eternal love", which is a blessing from the design team to the owner and represents the owner's family relationship. Moving further in, the space is dominated by faux stone tiles, gray mirrors, and warm wood, which creates a simple, grand, and elegant atmosphere. The design team took into account the safety of the activity environment since children often move around in public areas, so they purposely adopted an open layout with curved soft furnishings to minimize collisions and injuries. The living room has short-throw projection equipment that creates a home theater with an extremely thin projection screen replacing the heavy traditional TV, making the space visually lighter and more spacious. The dining room has a large dining table that can be used for family meals or children's homework, giving the space flexibility. Moving to the private area, there's a dressing room in the master bedroom that fulfills the residents' needs for clothing storage.

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