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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Urban Traveling

Designed by

WANG WEI-RU / Bandesign Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Urban Traveling

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

WANG WEI-RU / Bandesign Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

Bandesign Co., Ltd.


Bandesign Co., Ltd.

In today’s fast-paced world, it's important for living spaces to be adaptable to changing needs. This particular residence is designed for a newlywed couple who may expand their family in the future. To accommodate this, each of the three bedrooms has a mobile design incorporated into it. The overall style of the home is inspired by bustling city life, with a simple yet elegant aesthetic that seamlessly blends in with the fashionable ambiance of the city. The designer also incorporated the family's emotions into the residence to create a space full of stories. As a result, this home isn't just a place to live but a treasure trove of memories that offers residents the chance to engage in dialogue, interact, and discover the beauty of life within the space.

The designer utilized black and white as the primary theme of the space, complemented by wooden accents, creating a clean and straightforward yet dynamic atmosphere. The owner's fondness for travel and personal taste were incorporated into the design, resulting in a home that exudes texture, emotion, and narrative. This allows the owner to experience the vibrancy of city life and the passage of time in the comfort of their own space.

Within the confines of the living room, there is a meticulously crafted display cabinet that is exclusively designed to showcase an array of cherished travel souvenirs and collectibles. This allows homeowners to proudly exhibit their handicrafts and photographs from their travels, which ultimately enables them to share their emotions and memories with their guests. Moving on, the dining room and kitchen are thoughtfully placed on the same axis, catering to the owner's lifestyle.

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