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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Whisper of Time

Designed by

Chen Chao-Ying, Chang Chia-Jung, Lee Yu-Lin, Liu Shu-Mei / C.Y.CHEN Architects & Planners | DA-YUN Interior Design






Team Members:

Whisper of Time

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Chen Chao-Ying, Chang Chia-Jung, Lee Yu-Lin, Liu Shu-Mei / C.Y.CHEN Architects & Planners | DA-YUN Interior Design

Photo Credits:

C.Y.CHEN Architects & Planners | DA-YUN Interior Design


C.Y.CHEN Architects & Planners | DA-YUN Interior Design

The proprietor and his spouse had a strong inclination towards incorporating natural materials in the construction of their retirement abode. Their primary objective was to create a rough, textured ambiance for their dwelling. Furthermore, the owners yearned for a capacious living space where they could engage in various activities without any hindrance. Both the couple shared a passion for music and wine and were keen on having a designated area where they could relish both, making their retired life gratifying and delightful.

The ambiance of the area exudes a cozy and inviting vibe, characterized by the tasteful integration of wood and marble elements that complement the owner's preference for a modest and reserved style. To optimize the limited space, the team utilized multi-layered ceilings fused with wired panels and an unobstructed layout, ensuring that the occupants can fully stretch out without any sense of confinement or discomfort, even when staying for extended periods. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to permeate the area, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that signifies the passing of time throughout the day. The wooden and stony surfaces amplify the effects of the natural light, while soothing classical music, delectable cuisine, and fine wine contribute to the overall serene and tranquil atmosphere that envelops the residents.

The team designed the living room and kitchen area to suit the owner's lifestyle and preferences. They utilized diagonal zoning in the open space to create a separate dining area while still allowing for ample space to entertain guests. The dining area includes a long table as well as a bar area for the couple to enjoy drinks. To accommodate the couple's love for wine, the team also included a small wine cellar next to the bar area for storage.

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