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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Blank Space

Designed by

CHEN KAI-BO, LU PIN-RU, TSAI YI-RONG / China University of Technology/ShiuanYuan Group






Team Members:

Blank Space

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

CHEN KAI-BO, LU PIN-RU, TSAI YI-RONG / China University of Technology/ShiuanYuan Group

Photo Credits:

China University of Technology/ShiuanYuan Group


China University of Technology/ShiuanYuan Group

This interior design project is for a model house in a property development located in an area with convenient amenities and rich historical heritage. The spatial design focuses on people's needs and aims to provide a vision of a better future life. This design approach is expected to attract people to settle down in this area. The design prioritizes daily practicality over unnecessary decorative elements, using Japanese simplicity and clean lines to create a harmonious rhythm of space. Various functions are integrated into one room, maximizing the use of limited space.

The project is deeply inspired by the Japanese concept of simplicity, which is then fused with the designer's unparalleled creativity in spatial design. With a masterful play of lines, light, shadows, and natural scenery, the design creates a breathtakingly diverse and captivating spatial experience that exudes a remarkable sense of comfort and freedom. The end result is a symphony of architectural ingenuity that stimulates the senses and delights the soul.

The primary focus of this project lies in providing an exceptional user experience. The planning process took into account people's daily usage patterns to ensure that the design is intuitive and easy to navigate. To create a welcoming and seamless environment, the design prioritizes transparency and openness, allowing natural light and ventilation to flow freely throughout the space. To add a sense of spaciousness, designers employed a grille design and translucent materials to create partitions in each section. This design choice gives the feeling of an extended space while still maintaining privacy and avoiding a cramped feeling.

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