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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Distance Between Hearts

Designed by

Calvin Wang, Eleanor Chang / W&CH Design






Team Members:

The Distance Between Hearts

Residential Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

Calvin Wang, Eleanor Chang / W&CH Design

Photo Credits:

W&CH Design


W&CH Design

The advancement of urbanization has resulted in a growing distance between people's interpersonal relationships in modern society. In response, this interior design project aimed to create a residential space with the central objective of bringing people closer. The space originally served as an old office, characterized by a square layout that suffered from inadequate lighting and ventilation. However, with a well-planned layout and circulation, the designer successfully tackled the original issues, significantly enhancing the interaction between family members and fostering a closer bond. The result is a living space that provides physical comfort and creates an environment conducive to building and strengthening social connections.

Upon entering the room, one can immediately notice the simple yet elegant Scandinavian style that dominates the space. The designers have chosen stable materials to enhance the quality of the space while at the same time reflecting the homeowner's mature and sensible personality traits. The use of soft colors and natural finishes adds to the overall tranquil atmosphere of the room, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Due to the limited natural light, the designers used an open layout to integrate the living room, dining room, and center island counter. This design expands the scope of activities and provides a spacious and comfortable place for the owner's family to interact and strengthen their emotional bond. The center island counter, designed as a multi-functional workspace, serves as a hub for cooking, dining, and socializing. In the kitchen, the designers have focused on functionality and practicality. The free-standing design of the kitchen ensures that cooking fumes are contained and do not spread to other areas of the room. The ample storage solutions planned by the designer ensure that the whole family's storage needs are met while maintaining a tidy appearance.

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