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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Halftime Show

Designed by

BANSON LIN / The Pure Design






Team Members:

Halftime Show

Residential Architecture

Yilan, Taiwan

BANSON LIN / The Pure Design

Photo Credits:

The Pure Design


The Pure Design

Interior design is more than just a practical art; it is a project that can bring joy and happiness to people. Designers strongly believe that by creating a warm and inviting space, they can enhance the quality of life of the residents. Since human beings are the main characters in home life, a good residential design requires a lot of communication, attentive listening, and constant refinement. In this particular case, the owners are an elderly couple, so the designer thoughtfully created a barrier-free space that provides them with a convenient living experience. Despite the limited budget, the designer managed to incorporate the owner's favorite luxury texture and the appropriate amount of marble elements and metal lines to create a refined and elegant living space that meets the owner's vision of a dream home.

As one step into the residence, one will be greeted with the warm glow of the entrance light, which creates a sense of ceremony and comfort for the homeowners. The designer has taken into account the safety of the elderly couple's daily movement and has widened the original narrow corridor, which was only 70 centimeters wide, to create a spacious barrier-free area. The flooring has been designed with no difference in height, ensuring the residents' safety while also providing a comfortable activity space. The living room is a sight to behold, with its L-shaped floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in an abundance of natural light, illuminating the entire space. It's a perfect spot for basking in the warmth of the sun or simply enjoying the view of the outdoors. Moving towards the kitchen and dining area, you'll notice a unique feature - a glass sliding door between the dining room and kitchen that can be adjusted according to your needs. When open, it creates an open space, while when closed, it prevents cooking fumes from escaping, making it a practical and functional design element.

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