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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Light and shadow. Dreamland

Designed by

KAN, SHIH MING / Tang Chao Interior Design






Team Members:

Light and shadow. Dreamland

Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

KAN, SHIH MING / Tang Chao Interior Design

Photo Credits:

Tang Chao Interior Design


Tang Chao Interior Design

This modern-style design sets the tone in simplicity and cleanliness with its mellow wood accents. Large windows fill the home with soft natural light and give a view of the great outdoors. Dimmable LED lights add a splendid ambience to the living room and master bedroom. They allow you to create ambiance and recall different lighting scenes to suit the mood and occasion with no additional hardware.
Upon entering, ink-colored marble porch separates the mud room at the entrance. The built-in shoe chair is aligned with the wall to emphasize the simplicity of the modern style. The light-colored herringbone flooring warms up the view and creates humanistic aesthetics in space. The square public area is divided by the ridge of the roof, and the half-height main wall delineates the living room and the dining room, preserving the sense of transparency and forming a smooth circular traffic flow. A gray realm is extended horizontally under the beam. The LED strips running along the outside emit a glow and offset the oppressiveness brought by the short beam.
After passing by the TV wall, you will be in the dining room. The kitchen island attached to a dark gray marble tabletop creates a complete dining space. Pairing with a dark stone dining table, the dining sideboard featuring grayish white stone patterns and natural wood grains can create a balanced and harmonious space with both softness and strength. To partially conceal the view behind, the reeded glass kitchen door makes the areas independent yet connected.
In the master bedroom, the gradient hues of gray exude a stable sleeping atmosphere, and the irregular patterns on the headboard wall form a grille, creating dramatic contrast between order and chaos. In the secondary bedroom, bright and vivid color blocks enhance the depth and dimension. The diagonal lines at the headboard gradually expand outward from the corner, adding dynamic layers to the static view.

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