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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


View of Mountains of Floating Clouds

Designed by

Creative Design, CYCU






Team Members:

View of Mountains of Floating Clouds

Residential Architecture


Creative Design, CYCU

Li-Yu Chen;Lin-Pao Wong;An-Yi Chen;Yi-An Hung

Photo Credits:

Creative Design,CYCU


Creative Design,CYCU

This project entails a high-rise residential building located in the suburbs of Taipei City, offering exceptional lighting and panoramic views of the northern section of the Central Mountain Range through expansive panel windows in the morning. The breathtaking scenery imbues the entire environment with a sense of grandeur, enhanced by the lofty ceilings and generously proportioned rooms, which exude spaciousness and capacity.

The lower floors predominantly feature two-family unit layouts, transitioning to single-family residences with expansive five-room partitions on the upper floors. Upon entering the unit, one is greeted by a central layout featuring the living and dining areas, flanked by bedrooms on either side, ensuring a balance between public and private spaces.

In the public areas, particularly the living and dining rooms, intricate layers of trims and carefully positioned indirect lighting create a serene classical ambiance, reflecting the owner's appreciation for detail and commitment to style. The design ethos emphasizes transparency, with the owner's preferred aesthetic prominently displayed rather than concealed.

The central walkway, connecting spaces on both sides, is designed to complement the bright TV wall of snow-white marble stone, featuring faux stone veneer and trims that echo the natural lines of the distant mountain range. Cabinet doors in the public areas boast unique classical carvings, accentuating the owner's prized collections while adding depth to the space.

The interplay of real and faux elements, such as wooden veneers and fabric curtains, harmonize with the view of drifting clouds atop the mountains, evoking a sense of balanced harmony between movement and stillness.

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