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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category



Designed by

Shun-Jhang Jian, Freed Wu / JUNPIN Development Co.,Ltd






Team Members:


Residential Architecture

Taipei City, Taiwan

Shun-Jhang Jian, Freed Wu / JUNPIN Development Co.,Ltd

Photo Credits:

JUNPIN Development Co.,Ltd


JUNPIN Development Co.,Ltd

This project is a fascinating blend of architectural and common area space planning for a residential property. The design team has taken great care to study the local landscape and has used this knowledge to create a design influenced by the urban context and the base texture of the area. The result is a building that is perfectly suited to its surroundings. The team has utilized the unique properties of the building materials to create a building volume and facade shape that is both striking and functional. The use of natural light and shadow has been carefully considered to create a space that is both stable and elegant, while at the same time filtering out the noise and commotion of the city. This has resulted in a space that is both tranquil and inviting. One of the most impressive aspects of this project is the way in which it has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment. The team has shown great respect for the city's existing structure and has preserved the building's self-explanatory nature. The result is a building that presents the unique humanistic values and memories of the region in a truly remarkable way.

Located at the heart of the city, this magnificent 20-story residential building boasts a unique design that combines modernity, elegance and functionality. The building features 5 stories above ground and 5 stories below, with a sleek and stylish exterior that combines vertical high-rise volumes with medium-high brightness warm gray and beige colors. The front facade, designed as a simple frame structure with a glass balcony, creates a striking contrast through the splicing and structuring of heterogeneous materials. Inside the building, the use of glass windows and doors to "borrow the view into the room" is a masterstroke that allows the new space to echo with the existing environment.

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