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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Shin Lan He Xing

Designed by

Shin-Lan Construction&Development Corp.






Team Members:

Shin Lan He Xing

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Shin-Lan Construction&Development Corp.

YANG CHEN-CHIH / CKYW Architectural Design

Photo Credits:

Shin-Lan Construction&Development Corp.


Shin-Lan Construction&Development Corp.

This project is a marvelously designed mixed-use residential building situated in the heart of the city. The building was once a 40-year-old house, but it has been transformed into a new and modern residential-commercial complex. The building is strategically located near a lush green park, which boasts of an abundance of natural greenery. The design team exerted much effort to simplify the building's architecture and seamlessly integrate it into the surrounding urban fabric. The result is a beautiful and harmonious structure that blends perfectly with the local environment. The building's design was driven by a vision of coexistence and co-prosperity, aiming to attract more people to settle down in this beautiful and vibrant location and unlock unlimited possibilities for the future.

This project places great emphasis on providing a serene and natural environment for the residents and neighbors. In order to achieve this, the building is designed to be retracted and surrounded by green belts and public open spaces. These areas create a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere that enhances the well-being of the residents and visitors alike.

Moreover, the exterior of the building is presented in a simple yet sophisticated modern aesthetic. The use of pure colors and sleek lines creates a calm and refined architectural tone that complements the surrounding natural environment beautifully. Additionally, the rain shelters and vertical grilles add a touch of elegance and character to the building's simple and pure appearance.

Furthermore, the frames and sky gardens on the rooftop level are particularly noteworthy. Not only do they enhance the city skyline, but they also offer residents a romantic and cozy resting space. These areas are designed to provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding natural beauty while still maintaining a sense of privacy and comfort.

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