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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Hotel Beore

Designed by

Next Design






Team Members:

Hotel Beore

Hotels & Resorts Architecture

Nantou County,Taiwan

Next Design

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Next Design

To allow hotel patrons to truly immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake, so that the space can correspond and return to the most innate and natural state, the design team combined the perception of the environment, harnessing the mountains, clouds and lakes around Sun Moon Lake as design elements. Through understanding people's state of mind about traveling around Sun Moon Lake, the design retains the essence of the heart and profoundness of the journey, transforming it into the pursuit of spatial design, and at the same time sublimating the quality of the overall space, manifested in the concept of "formless shape is also a shape". The back of chairs, cabinet doors and walls in public spaces are made of woven rattan. The guest rooms, the partitions and bedside tables are made of woven rattan; the shelves and clothes rail are inspired by tree branches and are made from dead wood. The transparent glass tiles echo the natural elements of the lake. Used the nature of the materials to create a straightforward and natural atmosphere. In addition, considering the sound insulation of the space, the flooring of guest rooms and corridors is covered with Bolon carpet, which enhances the texture of the space and reduces the sound of walking and friction, thus improving the quality of accommodation.
The overall hotel space features the scenery of Sun Moon Lake and elements of nature as the foundation, so that the space imbues the design quality of co-existence with the environment. Curved design elements can be seen in the ceiling, door frame, wall and screen, adding texture and breaking the vertical blandness to create a soft and comfortable spatial environment. Furthermore, additional touches such as faux concrete paint, wooden elements, steel, rattan and tiles reflects the simple and pure nature, so that people can find a natural and quiet relaxing environment in the hotel while visiting Sun Moon Lake.

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