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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


OCT Metauthor

Designed by

Ben Ling






Team Members:

OCT Metauthor

Residential Architecture


Ben Ling

Shan Lingquan;Wang Yihua

Photo Credits:

Qin Studio,2023



This project is OCT Group first entry into Dongguan Songshan Lake and is positioned as a global super complex. Located by the Yuehe Lake, it carves out its most high-end series of residential products. The project injects two major global cultural and tourism IPs - Happy Coast and the Art Exhibition Center designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, creating a world-class cultural business card for Songshan Lake.

OCT commissioned LB DESIGN to design and create an artistic lake dwelling with humanistic heritage through the CBD+TOD dual core center. It plays a movement that combines modernity and simplicity, allowing people to anticipate the core life of Songhu in advance in the marketing center. The market also responds to the carving of humanistic art residences with a passion for selling out immediately upon opening.

Functional and Design Challenges
In the preliminary design considerations of the project, the main research issue is how to include the marketing needs of the lobby, display, and reception areas in a small building site of 500 square meters and make a reasonable layout.

However, the buildings are limited by slope terrain, resulting in poor lighting and weak landscape effect at the intersection with the parking lot. Additionally, the staggered form of the building blocks leads to limited indoor depth and other factors. The planning of the moving line and the handling of vertical space, how to expand visual capacity in a limited area and create highlights that are different from previous products, are the beginning of LB DESIGN's in-depth thinking and meticulous exploration.

Our designer sorted out the overall design logic and trajectory: without changing the load-bearing walls of the building, glass/DuPont paper made of organic materials was used instead of space partition walls. While creating the scenery, nature was fully introduced into the room, and the three functional spaces were connected through the loop trajectory.

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