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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Wood And Light

Designed by

Yexing Fang / Shangying Design






Team Members:

Wood And Light

Residential Architecture

Yiwu, China

Yexing Fang / Shangying Design

Ying Li

Photo Credits:

Dagui, 2023


Yexing Fang, 2023

This project combines art and daily life harmoniously, infusing a touch of artistic elegance into everyday experiences. It seamlessly merges top art with vivid daily life.

At the foyer, light and shadow intermingle through grilles, creating a distinct ambiance all over the space. The concise lines combines with the play of light and dark, resulting in a captivating visual effect that allows residents to appreciate the beauty of art at home.

Strategically placed color blocks define an organized spatial layout. The integration of volumes and cantilevered countertop injects the entire space with a sense of flexibility and vitality.

The suspended bar counter compensates for the limited space, providing multi-functionality to the living room.

Every aspect is designed with the purpose of enhancing life. The existing partition wall of the kitchen is dismantled, enabling the integration of the dining and kitchen areas to expand the dimensions of living space.

Every detail is carefully carved and interpreted, uncovering the potential of every inch of space. The design is simple yet thoughtful, returning to the essence of residences through a distinct interpretation of the entire space by the designer.

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