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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Modern Poetry

Designed by

Stev Wu / INVSBLE International Co., Ltd.






Team Members:

Modern Poetry

Residential Architecture

Taichung City, Taiwan

Stev Wu / INVSBLE International Co., Ltd.

Photo Credits:

INVSBLE International Co., Ltd.


INVSBLE International Co., Ltd.

Away from the city's hustle and bustle, the residence is adjacent to lush greenery. Gentle sprinkling of sunlight accompanies the shadows of trees. A bright view is created as light passes through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior space is separated by transparent glass, while the semi-open layout allows natural light to flow to every square inch of the home. In the neutral space, the canopy of the public area is embellished with bold mustard yellow. The vivid hues along with layered trims bring modern and classical elements together and add visual interest. They also connect with the lush greenery outside the window through color schemes.
With marble pattern as the base, the TV wall incorporates mellow smoked wood grains in the middle to create a layered look. The light-reflective surface diffuses sunlight from the thin tiles. The rustic wood grounds you with the tranquility of nature the moment you enter the room. The natural vibe is incorporated into the living space from the subtle to the obvious. The wall behind the sofa is embedded with glass, allowing light to travel through and connect different zones.
To streamline the traffic flow, the appliance cabinet located in the foyer is moved to the kitchen. Behind the door, the depth of the space is enlarged without obstacles. With the structural pillar as the axis in the center of the kitchen, the storage cabinets are extended outward, concealing the intrusive structural pillar. The wood dining table is right next to the appliance cabinet, which guides the visual flow. By relocating and integrating furniture, a complete and smooth layout that offers versatility is created.
In the master bedroom, earth tones ooze a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A low wall extends from the headboard. The long platform enables the homeowner to place small items. A storage space and a dressing table are located under the beam, maintaining a sense of simplicity in the space.

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