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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Vitronic Offices

Designed by

Evolution Design






Team Members:

Vitronic Offices

Commercial & Office Architecture

Wiesbaden, Germany

Evolution Design

Christina Stein, Dariusz Florczak, and Claudia Berkefeld

Photo Credits:

Sergey Melnikov, 2024


Evolution Design, 2024

Vitronic is the leading manufacturer of image processing and machine vision systems designed for industrial automation, logistics, and traffic technology. Evolution Design was appointed by Vitronic to conceptualise a dynamic and fresh-looking workplace for its automation branch. Conceived as a pilot project for further expansion throughout the entire building, the primary objective of the project was to embrace New Work principles and foster workplace atmosphere that mirrors the innovative spirit of this engineering company.

The 800-square-meter workplace incorporates a large workshop area designed for creative meetings and brainstorming, meeting rooms for 4 to 10 people, phone and video booths, a laboratory, open plan workspaces that are shared by project teams as well as a central hub – the social heart of the office. Positioned between the two building wings, the hub is the central point for social life in the office. Here, Vitronic teams can take coffee breaks, share lunches, hold informal meetings, and participate in team events.

Aesthetically, the interior design concept draws inspiration from the client's engineering background. The incorporation of a corporate colour scheme, along with custom joinery and fittings inspired by machine parts, gives the space a distinct look and feel. This thoughtful integration seamlessly merges the industrial essence with a refined visual appeal, creating a unique and cohesive ambiance that resonates with the client's professional identity.

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