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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


A Breeze

Designed by

CHIEN I CHEN /SOHO Interior Design CO. LTD






Team Members:

A Breeze

Commercial & Office Architecture


CHIEN I CHEN /SOHO Interior Design CO. LTD

Chen,Mu-Kai / Zhuang,Yu-Zhen / Lin,Wei-Ling

Photo Credits:

Ethan Lee / 2024/01


SOHO Interior Design CO. LTD / 2024/01

The guiding passage of space echoes the diagonal correspondence between two realms.The undulating curves, dancing left and right, weave the essence of the space's soul, they serve as the physical mechanism of airflow, becoming the principal axis of spatial division, akin to a diagonal tripartite boundary.
Between the widths and narrows of the curved paths lie areas designated for educational sessions, waiting zones, and showcases of health products, which will usually be populated with various individuals. Alongside the curve's right flank, facing west and embracing the wind, lie administrative counters and examination rooms, allowing staff to intimately engage with the blend of wind and light.
This is a medical facility dedicated to treating muscular dystrophy. The treatment area is situated on the left side of the curve, with ample space between therapy equipment and physical disability assistive devices, ensuring a certain level of privacy in the interaction between physical therapists and patients. The treatment area mitigates discomfort from air conditioning drafts by lowering the airflow outlet height to half the wall's height.
Three gently ascending curved flow panels, connecting the walls to the ceiling, direct the significant heat produced by the patients during treatment by following the principles of physical guidance through temperature differentials. Guided by these curved panels, the airflow sequentially moves towards the central curve, then directed by the strong airflow from the right-side alleyway towards the window opening at the end of the main road, letting the wind outside carry away the dissipating heat like “A Breeze”.

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