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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


Spring Buds

Designed by

IHI Interior Design






Team Members:

Spring Buds

Residential Architecture

New Taipei City, Taiwan

IHI Interior Design

Chen-Hao Huang, Yun-Ying Yu, Kai-Yu Huang

Photo Credits:

IHI Interior Design


IHI Interior Design

The name of the project, "Spring Buds", comes from the gentle tone of the space and the creamy main visual. 66.1 square meters of the small apartment, the design team injected the aesthetics of the wabi-sabi style into it. They took a creamy tone as the main visual and curves to connect all the corners to bring in natural light, shaping a warm and cozy home for the newlywed couple.
To strike a balance between wabi-sabi style and functionality, the design team cleverly planned the placement of furnishings, curved angles, and materials to reveal a better visual effect between solid and void. When the user stands in the space, he or she can feel the integrity of the interior. The articulation of the façade with no interruptions makes the space more natural and beautiful. The upgrade of the study room is also one of the highlights of the project. The comfortable couch with adjustable curtains allows the study room to serve as a guest bedroom at the same time to improve space utilization.

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