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Arch Design Award 



Interior Design Category


The Beauty of the Orient: Grey Modern Design Studio

Designed by

Dangli Design+SC Architects






Team Members:

The Beauty of the Orient: Grey Modern Design Studio

Commercial & Office Architecture


Dangli Design+SC Architects

Chun-Cheng Lee, Tzu-Chien Huang

Photo Credits:

Dangli Design+SC Architects


Dangli Design+SC Architects

"The Beauty of the Orient: Grey Modern Design Studio" is a renovation project of an old house. The design team gave the old building a new look. The classic black, white, and grey form a timeless style, outlining the modern minimalist office silhouette. The first floor is an open plan, removing partitions to create a wide view. The design team placed the partitioned kitchen against the wall to provide flexibility and maintain circulation. Standing at the viewpoint of staff or visitors, no matter walking around or discussing work matters, they are unrestricted.
The grilles and the curves are the features. The grilles on the doors and walls convey turning dimensions and artistic imagery. The soft asymmetrical curves are complemented by the gray flooring, paintings, and plants, creating an elegant and relaxed oriental style. From the inside to the outside, the project is characterized by a calm aesthetic that is rich in cultural heritage, allowing people to feel calm and collected all the time, and redefining the meaning of office.

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