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Arch Design Award 



Architectural Design Category


Future is boundless

Designed by

PTW Architects






Team Members:

Future is boundless

Residential Architecture

Taichung City, Taiwan

PTW Architects

PTW Architects, Simon Parsons, Jiayur Hsu, Liu-Ho Wu, Sheng-Cheng Wang

Photo Credits:

PTW Architects


PTW Architects

From the past to the future, speed not only changes the concept of time but also leads to evolution. With technological and human-oriented design solutions, the building is crafted to be a solid pillar of the city of the future. The project emphasizes the qualities and focuses on spatial patterns, architectural interfaces, and assemblages, as an organic body inseparable from the environment and as an organic part of the city, i.e. composed of the four principles of "frame, mass, balcony, and trims".
The 1:1:1 ratio of the spatial structure is skillfully blended with the rhythm of the volume, matching the solid and void of the volume. The exterior of the building is characterized by a wave pattern from surface to panel, complemented by the clever alternation of dark and light materials to show the layers and outline the wave-like dynamics. The four principles are skillfully integrated into the design, connecting the imagery of the gateway, establishing a representative landmark for the future city of Taichung High-Speed Rail, and presenting a vision of the future city image.

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